What is the residue left on the side of the bottle after I finish feeding my baby?

What you see on the inside of the bottle after you have fed your infant is fat. Fat is a naturally occurring component of milk and milk powder. Fat is an important source of energy for your infant. The energy content of our infant formulas is greater per 100ml than that of other similar products. Our products are specifically formulated to supply infants with more of what they require to grow healthily (DHA, fat etc). This higher energy content corresponds to a creamier infant formula product and may result in slightly more residue seen on the sides of the bottle after feeding.


I opened the can of powder and it smells a little bit “fishy”. Why is this and can it hurt my baby?

The ‘fishy’ smell is due to the presence of DHA in our formula. DHA is extracted from fish and plant oils, so a slight ‘fishy’ odour may sometimes be detected in the product, validating its presence. It will not harm your baby in any way. In fact DHA is a highly desirable long chain polyunsaturated (LCP) fatty acid, which is considered to be a beneficial component in the development of the eyes, brain and nervous systems in infants. This odour quickly dispenses after opening and cannot be detected (smelt or tasted) in the formula once it has been prepared. It will not impact on your child’s enjoyment of our highly nutritious formula.

What is the origin country of our infant formula?

Our infant formula is manufactured & packed in Victoria State, which is known as the largest premium milk-producing region in Australia.

Can I use infant formula to replace breast milk?

According to World Health Organization (WHO), Breastfeeding is best for babies. Breast milk helps to strengthen your baby’s immune system and provide support to your baby’s developing digestive system. It is also a wonderful and emotional experience for both baby and mum. However, if a mother is unable to breast feed or decides not to for any reason and needs to choose a baby formula, we recommend our range of infant formulas as safe and of exceptional quality.

My product did not fully dissolve after shaking, what do I do?

Shake the bottle further until the product is completely dissolved, as per instructions on the can. Testing has confirmed that shaking the bottle of formula for approx. 30 seconds is recommended.

Can I use milk instead of water with my infant formula?

We do not recommend using milk as a substitute for water. The information on the nutritional information panel is not formulated/calculated using milk.

Can infant formula be pre-made in advance and stored in the fridge?

We don’t recommend making any feeds ahead of time, as once the powder is mixed with the water it becomes a perishable food product and is therefore prone to spoilage. As stated on the Feeding and Preparation Guide, (back of tin) any pre-prepared formula MUST be refrigerated and used within 24 hours.


Does your product contain milk and/or soy products?

Yes. As stated on the label WARNING and in the product description. This product is NOT suitable for infants that have a Milk, Lactose or Soy allergy.


Can I give my baby more or less feeds or volume of formula than indicated on the tin?

The feeding and formula preparation table on the back of our formula tins should be used as a guide only. However, if you unsure about your baby’s feeding and nutritional requirements, please consult with your healthcare professional.