Baby Guts Probiotic Powder is made up of 10 billion good bacteria with 10 different strains specifically targeted to improve, repair and support every baby, infant and child. Baby Guts has been designed to help every child build a healthy immune system as well as deal with other health concerns common to infants and children.
The Baby Guts Practitioner blend of powerful Probiotic strains is a gentle yet effective naturopathic formulation designed to achieve happy outcomes for all childhood ailments. Baby Guts can help with Immune support, eczema and skin conditions, digestive function, food allergies, reflux and colic, candida overgrowth, antibiotic side effects, immunisation support, acute diarrhoea, constipation, toddler behaviour.


Baby Guts Probiotic includes the following 10 strains – b.longum, b.lactis, b.breve, l.casei, l.rhamnosus, l.plantarum, l.paracasei, b.infantis, l.salivarius, l.reuteri